Poor No More


To refuse to be poor, one must have a clear understanding as to what poor really is, and what it represents. Being poor or the state of being poor is more than the money in your pocket or bank. It’s more than the neighborhood or house, you  presently reside. It’s more than  ones social-economic lineage or background. Poor and its associated conditions are  based on the very definition of poor….”Perceived Options Outside Realities”. Within that definition is found the very root of prolonged poverty externally, and more importantly internally. One’s self-embrace of who, what, they are, said to be, determines their path toward or away from poverty. As simplistic as that sounds, truly reflecting on that singular thought, can spark your first steps to transformation. Poor is really a condition of psycho-midgetis, that in many cases developed from the early stages of childhood through an identity belief system that incorporated the need for dependency in one manner or another. A belief system that taught and teaches a sense of being inadequate, or tainted. A system filled with barriers in all aspects of the human experience. By planting the idea that overcoming these barriers or acquiring some form of empowerment comes through an external pre-described process, this lead to a life of either earnestly seeking to discover this process, or a life of failure, doomed because of being totally unaware that such a process exist. Thus being labeled a non-conformist, sinner, etc… What is quite unfortunate is that system in the early encounters of ‘learning it’, was taught sub-consciously, with an unawareness of the real purpose of this system, namely, to shield the understanding, self-discovery of who and what we really we are. Subconsciously the foundation of living as poor was being established. The ‘cement of this foundation’ was and are the perceptions, the connected options that lead to pursuing outside the reality of who and what we truly are.

Alert, Alert the Good News is: Poor Can Be Overcome. But are you willing to make the commitment to do so? What is that commitment? To truly discover, embrace, and be who you really are!!! 

Marinate on this fact for a moment, each of us, beyond physical distinction, appearance, physical definition are Spirit Beings living in a physical plane. Take a moment before continuing and really let that sink in.

Now that you’ve taken a moment to reflect on that statement, imagine how much differently your life, becomes even at this moment, embracing the true really of who you truly are. No matter who we are has been a time when something inside of you seems to be yearning for our awareness, attention. In many cases, we suppressed that yearning, that unknown something. For a time, it seems to go away, yet it always returns. There are times when the intensity of it is so great, that it’s like a prisoner beating the walls begging to be freed. Despite any accomplishments, pleasures, trials, it never goes away. Why? Because that something is the real essence, being, self, the true identity that is truly who you really are. It has waited for you to free not it, but yourself as well. It has waited for you, I to cease living, embracing the outside of yourself perceptions that have led you into worshipping, pursuing realities outside of yourself. It has waited while you, and  I embrace the riches of who we truly are. For me, the decision has been made to stop the journey through the maze that has promoted, created the condition of P.O.O.R. It isn’t about the journey any longer. Instead, it’s standing fully with myself. Growing in the full embrace of myself. Embracing the vastness of myself, oppose to accepting, identifying with the limitations outside of myself. I fully embrace Being POOR No More.