Embracing The Conscious Economy


If we were to take a poll of the average person in the streets, an honest poll, asking the simple, yet honest opinion as to their beliefs, understanding, awareness, and yes fears regarding that dreadful word, “Economy”, what would you think their response would be? Perhaps it may be like this:

Economy stinks… It has failed miserably…History stands witness… There are very few people who have bid goodbye to this world with a smiling face… The wrinkles and scars of the stupid economy are visible on every face. Economy gives a job to someone, makes a company rich and fills the coffers of the Government but it leaves most of the people spiritually poor….The economy is nothing but cashing in on your lowest desires and stripping you of your inner powers.”

Undoubtedly, there are many thoughts related to the current economy. Let’s make it clear, that any consideration or discussion of the economy isn’t limited to a particular nation, ethnicity, etc…. Clearly with a great lack of balance exist under the current standards that create, as well, as affecting the economy. Consider for a moment the following:

Economy has to make a country rich while it has not… It has made only 5% individuals wealthy….

The remaining 95% of the population have to work for money. There is a huge difference between making money work for you and you going after money. Wealthy people make money work for them and the rest have to go to a job every day to earn money.” There is nothing wrong in going for a job but a flourishing economy has to facilitate richness of thoughts… It has to make you spiritually rich… It has to make you content,  feel worthy of whatever you are doing. 95% of the population who earn money may be happy but they are not content. There is a lack of self-worth in individuals, a seemingly visible helplessness which is apparent in the way they talk, act and go about doing their daily chores. This economy of the world has never worked and will never again in the near future.

The basis of the economy all over the world is to provide you the basic comforts a job, a house, a car, a mobile phone, insurance and the list goes on … It attempts to tell you that we can make you rich but it forces you to wear the garb of a beggar … It gives you comfort toys but it clips your hands and steals away your freedom… It keeps inventing new gadgets of comforts and throws it at you and you like a beggar pick it up because it is attractive and that is all you can do… You are a beggar and I am a bigger one than you….. because I did it all through my life. I failed to understand the difference between a beggar begging on the street, a prostitute mortgaging her body and an executive trading his/her intelligence. To me, they are nothing but different levels of begging. One is lending her body the other the mind…

Despite the aforementioned, a small but steady drop of hope is arising, that is creating powerful change, that is being embraced steadily by individuals worldwide. These individuals are creating a ‘new age of entrepreneurship’ that is spearheading a new economy. One that is far greater than any that has been witnessed or touched upon before. One which we as individuals never thought about. An economy filled with conscious entrepreneurs where there is no trading, no give, and take. A level of connectedness that happens effortlessly and without forcing anything upon you or others. Entrepreneurship, as well, as an economy where everyone is held accountable personally for their actions. How is that so one may ask? For starters, rather we actively pursue entrepreneurship or not each of us is an economy. So ask yourself what is the driving force behind the growth and development of your economy? Is the mind that has embraced the beliefs and identity that has lead to so much stress, hopelessness, lack of fulfillment, lack of wellness in many areas of your life driving your current economy? Is your economy ‘love centered’? Meaning do you love yourself, and radiate that love? Is your economy based on the richness of your ‘higher or purer mind’, that full of energy, ideas that lead you eventually getting what you truly want? Is your economy headed in the direction of the ‘New Age Economy, which is an economy of Love? Consider this quote from Swami Vivekananda as a foundation to examine your economy: ” Isn’t it man that makes money. Where did you ever hear of money making man? If you can make your thoughts and words perfectly at one, if you can I say, make yourself one in speech and actions money will pour in at your feet like water…”

For far too long, I know that I have developed my economy upon an external perception which can become overpowered external factors. But once abandoning this economy, I’m discovering how powerful, rich, and fulfilling it is to grow within my own economy, without begging, negotiating, etc… Additionally, because this is my economy, as you have your economy it means that each and every one of us are entrepreneurs within our personal economies. The responsibility, therefore,  is being fully conscious entrepreneurs within one’s economy. Embracing this responsibility is already igniting a growing wind of change among many persons throughout the world. Imagine what would happen when a billion people begin to embrace, as well, as live the change. Even before that, each us through growing, living and connecting our love centered economies are actively building a  ‘Greater Love Economy’ like never before.


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