The Conversation


For some time, there has been a very personal yet needed discussion looming. There is a very powerful, definitely meaningful persona that from the beginning of our existence in this physical plane has sought our attention. In many cases, some of us had no understanding that such a persona existed. I for one could be counted in that group. Even though we may have been confused concerning it very existence, there still seemed like something unknown within us was attempting to communicate. Perhaps we attempted to dismiss or shut it out. Despite those attempts, that something would reappear. Our efforts to avoid this something, inevitably, will prove to be fruitless because it’s always there, always present.

Moving beyond being poor in any capacity  requires our stop avoiding this persona or that unknown something we’ve attempted to avoid for the vast majority of our lives. For the most part, each of us attached ourselves to identities, beliefs, ideology that require only one action on our part, namely, unconscious submission to the  illusion of who and what we are. But the moment  has arrived or  approaching, to discover the truth of who and what we are. Allowing that discovery to lead us becoming  receptive in welcoming  the “conversation”, that  the persona or mystical  something has been waiting to have with each us. This conversation is not  collective. Rather it is one deeply personal and individualized. Opening ourselves to this conversation is the first step to the self-activism that is deeply transformative.

There are two powerful aspects of any real conversation. First, recognizing that real conversations are opportunities for growth in some capacity. Seeking continuous growth awakens the opportunity for potentially transformative discovery.  Secondly, engaging in real conversations, requires one to be both a listener and contributor to the conversation. In the role of the listener, we become “students”, becoming unattached to everything around us being fully open, and yearning to learn. As a contributor, it requires more than verbal exchange. It requires a spiritual connectedness, transcending mere mental analysis, or the physical comfort zone. The real conversation that our inner being has been attempting to initiate from the very beginning with me, you, each and every one us, is truly unavoidable. In many cases, our unconscious unwillingness to engage in this conversation has resulted in the state of our impoverishment on one level or another.  Consciously through the identity that we have embraced, meaning our physical or “outside of our true selves” worldly belief system,  have attempted to lead the conversation. Yet despite that ongoing attempt, the power, as well, as the purity of our inner self, is completely aware that our very empowerment is at stake, therefore it persist to capture our attention to initiate the real conversation. The requirement on our part is to be still, and a willingness to be truly the listener. The more we embrace the persona of stillness, the greater our opportunity of transformative, discovery and embrace becomes. The one being still embrace fully the opportunity to be a listener, becoming unattached to the illusion that has dominated your life leading to the poor mentality & environment. My encouragement is to fully welcome the conversation.


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