Being Alive

Celebrating Being Alive

Overcoming the conditioning of P.O.O.R. as discussed in the previous post requires a willingness to commit oneself completely  to removing poverty consciousness from one’s being. Borrowing the theme of a popular television show, fulfilling this personal commitment requires transitioning from existing as a ‘Walking Dead’ to becoming “ALIVE”.

Being ALIVE goes beyond merely making a verbal declaration in one way or another. BEING ALIVE denotes and requires committed actions. In fact let me share with you the meaning of Being ALIVE……“Activating Infinite License  Vigorous Engagement “. Already, I sense some saying what in the heck does that mean.? To answer that, let me start by making this point. Being ALIVE discussed here is really incorporating fully  this mantra. Take 60 seconds repeat this mantra within yourself. As you do that not only hear it, even more so feel it. Each time you repeat it do so passionately. Feel the energy resonating through it. Though expressing this mantra for Being Alive sound great, truly understanding this mantra is even more important. So the question is what does it mean, and how does it enhance my own spiritual growth?

For starters, this mantra or Being ALIVE is the expression of the total embrace of loving unconditionally, “the fuel for transformation”, as well, as connecting with all of the Universe. Through embracing fully loving unconditionally the first key of the mantra is taken, namely, activating or releasing oneself from the “deathlike” or poverty filled state, one currently resides. In other words loving yourself unconditionally to embrace, create  Your own freedom, liberation, your own miracles. From the very beginning, each of us have received the authorization or license granting permission to embrace, as well, as co-create the path to liberation from a poverty consciousness to the wealth of who we truly are. What comes with this natural Divine license, are infinite resources each of us have as a result of the Super DNA that is very much a part of who we are. Being ALIVE requires our being vigorous in embracing this opportunity of freedom. Vigorous in activating the infinite resources of abundant light of real knowledge & understanding, unlimited unconditional love, ever present peace, and the power of simply Being.  Additionally being vigorous in removing all the barriers that have hindered us in the past our Being ALIVE. The more you are fully engaged joyfully, lovingly with the embrace of your freedom, the more you eliminate the poverty consciousness from existence in any conceivable way.


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