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“Spend less time trying to make it, more time discovering the joy and blessings of living ”

Every time I spend time walking along a trail surrounded by the marvels that are found amidst nature or merely sitting along a river, lake, or ocean there’s always a sense of simple joy and happiness. In these moments I’m always struck by two things. First, in this relaxed environment, there’s a powerful captivating energy that is emitted. Secondly, there’s a powerful joy that arises from just being. Joy often seems to escape us because we attempt to ‘manufacture’ it. But the truth is joy, love, peace flows freely when we simply do nothing. For some of us, the idea of doing nothing seems unreasonable. From nothingness, we begin to truly experience completely without hesitation. Without hesitation, we fully experience the inner joy, inner love, inner peace that so very much is a part of who we truly are. Freely experiencing this about ourselves, resulting in freely, emitting this joy, love, peace.


Embracing The Power of Consideration

Today we live in a world of constant, seemingly never ending movement. Our actions, thoughts, daily routines, and virtually non existing interaction with others fill our lives. In far too many cases, we live our through an ongoing series of masks. We have a mask that we wear for our relationships. A mask for our jobs or careers. A mask walking down the street, etc… We wear and change these masks, like actors and actresses who must wear various wigs in a Broadway Production. And I’m sure there’s moments in our lives when it appear that we are in some kind of theatrical production. A never ending maze, that we are doing our best to navigate through. STOP THE MADNESS, something inside of us from time to time will cry out. When this happens, “Consideration needs to click in”. And what is it I’m having consideration for or of?

Consideration is acknowledgement of the presence of something or someone. Though our world is filled with many complexities, the act of consideration or being considered is a simple, yet powerful tool in our growth and embrace of who we truly are. Using this tool begin’s with awareness and consciousness of who really are. This requires a willingness to go beyond the beliefs and identities we’ve merely accepted as the truth of who really are. We then begin to truly acknowledge the real truth regarding ourselves, thus having “consideration to ourselves” . As this liberated self consideration grows within, we will emit freely consideration to others. This we will begin to do naturally, without judgement or analysis. The simple act of acknowledgement will flow from us void of the illusionary boundaries that hinder acknowledgement of ourselves, as well, as others. We will start to have an invigorating ‘pep to our spirit’.

‘Boy Stop Playing In The Dirt And Get Clean’

I remember growing up, time and time again my grandma saying to me the words ” boy stop playing in the dirt, go get clean”. Just thinking about those words I get goose bumps, because I hear my grandma voice. With my childhood friends, playing in the dirt in one way or another seemed like a natural thing to do. Back then getting clean meant taking a bath, scrubbing, washing any signs of dirt away. Though I enjoyed playing in the dirt, what I equally enjoyed was the look and sounds of gleeful approval from my grandma.

Thinking of those wonderful times, inspired the thoughts of this writing. Though playing in the dirt was fun as a child, my grandma would say upon getting clean, ‘all that dirt hide who you really are’. The identities, beliefs that have created an illusion of who we are, and what we should be are like the dirt. Depending on when my grandma took notice, with my friends, we would play in the dirt for hours. Thus there would be much cleaning to do. Likewise, most of us have been submerged in the dirt of illusionary beliefs and identities about ourselves, resulting in the truth about ourselves becoming completely covered. Therefore cleaning becomes necessary. Again, hearing grandma’s words, “boy sit in that tub and soak, before you start scrubbing.” In those words, is an important key to our getting cleaned. What is that key? Learning to “soak or sitting still”. When my grandma prepared my bath, it always was at right temperature and bubbles from the soap. Thinking back she was very mindful in preparing those many baths for me. In our soaking or stillness engagement, the importance of doing so with mindfulness can’t be understated. Being mindful of the joy of ridding ourselves of all that has hindered our real embrace of who we truly are. Additionally, with mindfulness, we embrace the totality of not just who we are, also our connection with the “All of the Universe”, seen and unseen. In essence we embark on a course of real freedom and liberation through this process of getting out of the dirt and becoming clean. Though Grandma has transitioned many years ago, her spirit continues to provide lessons even to this day. Thank you, Grandma.

Gardener of the Soul

always growing

To best appreciate why this writing is called ” Gardener of the Soul”, it is important to know exactly what is a Gardener? By definition, a gardener is described as being a caretaker, a nurturer. In addition to that definition, a gardener is one ‘who loves participating in the process of growth.’ This love must be deeply rooted, because a successful or skilled gardener loves everything about the gardening process. The skilled gardener knows that in reality the growth process is naturally in place. The skilled gardener constantly is acquiring knowledge that enhance understanding, as well, as successful participation in the caring and nurturing of the garden in their care.

With a total commitment to the process of growing, the gardener pays attention to the quality of the soil to insure a foundation for future growth. As a gardener, special attention is given to nurturing, preparing the soil for planting. Sometimes this requires the soil to be dug up, turned to reach the growing richness buried deep. This along with removing anything that could jeopardize growth. In the planting, the gardener knows some plants will need full sun light, oppose to others that will need partial shade. The gardener takes great care to water properly. Understanding that too much water can be as damaging to the growth process, as not watering enough. The more involved the gardener becomes in the care and nurturing of the garden, the more the connection and love resonate in every way possible.

Though a novice gardener, I’m beginning to appreciate that in growing within my spiritual space, that I have the honor, opportunity, and responsibility like that of the aforementioned gardener. The process of spiritual growth has already been in place. Therefore as a spiritual gardener, the need for me to embrace this process is vital to become successful in the caretaking and nurturing of my spiritual garden. As a novice spiritual gardener, acquiring constant understanding, knowledge, embracing truth regarding one’s self, leads to spiritual gardening successfully. Along the way successful gardeners will embrace truthful and knowledgeable information from other successful gardeners. These individuals thus become pointers to gardening successfully. They don’t become substitutes for doing the work yourself. Likewise, in our spiritual gardening of ourselves, we will undoubtedly have knowledgeable individuals who become “pointers” for understanding the rich soil in all of us is the soul, as well, as the real essence of who we truly are. Though that ‘rich soil of the soul’ exist, personally we individually have the responsibility for digging deep, turning the soil, in the process removing any illusions, weed-like attributes, tendencies, or actions that hinder growth in my personal spiritual garden and yours also. Taking responsibility for what I’m planting is part of being the caretaker of my spiritual garden. Often, especially in the beginning, we embrace every spiritual concept, idea, teaching, label. This though can amount to over ‘watering’ our spiritual garden. In the process growth is slow coming. When this happens, we need to stop watering for a moment, be still, allowing the ” roots of our spiritual plants to absorb ” the watering. Lastly, the planting in our spiritual garden requires the ‘sunlight of love’. Yet love is unconditional. This light empowers the growth in the spiritual garden. However, it is important that in embracing, welcoming in this light, we shield our spiritual garden from the mind’s description of light. Because the mind, allows insect-like thoughts, attitudes to creep in our spiritual gardening, stifling real spiritual growth. The best insecticide to combat this, is sitting mindfully in silence letting the real light in to radiate growth. The bountiful harvest , that not only benefit you, equally all who enters your path directly or indirectly because of your ongoing emmision of love, makes your “Soul Gardening ” , truly rewarding.


Sometimes the need for reminding grows our awareness, and consciousness of the simple necessities in nurturing our completeness. This blog post reminds us of both the value and importance of resting.

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